Introduction to the Internet TV Guide

Want to watch free television and free video on your computer? Maybe you want to maximise the use of your broadband connection? Maybe you want to see the latest World News? Sports? Finance News?.

Free Internet TV Stations and Free Video Channels are appearing all over the web. Some have been around a while, some are brand new.

Some online TV and Video sites enable you to watch free TV content and other sites will allow you to create and upload your own personal video.

I have personally visited each of the TV and Video sites featured at Exactel - this is unique content! I review the sites, discuss navigation and point out tips to get the most from your online TV and Video experience.

Free Internet Television and Free Video are widely available from the World Wide Web, and are accessible to any user with an Internet Connection, preferably a broadband link.

Free Internet TV and Free Internet Video offers an open source model whereby anyone with a computer and web browser can access online videos or live streams with no other software or equipment. There is no for a set-top-box, a specific carrier or operator when viewing Free Internet TV and Free Online Videos.

Exactel DOES NOT host any videos or TV channels, streams or torrents on these web pages. The Exactel pages are provided for informational purposes and reflect my own personal research when looking for FREE TV and VIDEO on the World Wide Web. Exactel is not affiliated nor claim to be affiliated with any other site reviewed here. Please exercise due caution when visiting external links from Exactel. Exactel has an explicit Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (and we are proud to have them) - do the other sites have similar? Need anti-virus software, anti-spyware software or a firewall? Check out the free software reviews here.

Internet TV Guide

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TV and Video Guide

The Internet TV Guide to Online Internet TV and Video. (Alphabetical Order).

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MySpace Video

NASA TV and Video

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YouTube Video

VEOH TV and Video

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